Road in Olinda, Victoria.


I would enjoy some terrible crude questions to brighten my evening. I want to use tumblr more. 

Self portrait. / @naomicraigs

tattooedmafia asked: "Congrats on 1,000. It should be much more."

Haha thankyou. I don’t use tumblr much.

ruthless-lavender asked: "would you ever consider doing a workshop or video explaining how you edit your photos? they have a nice organic look to them"

Ahh! That’s interesting. I haven’t considered that. I do get a lot of people asking me to sell presets, but I haven’t done anything like that yet. Workshops may be a thing next year, though..  


Hit 1,000

Followers with 100 posts. Win. Send me asks. 

'It's an ugly fact of lifeThat we are in fact, alone.’Self portrait in my bathroom today. Very soon when I can order in my new equipment and stop shooting on a $300 camera (yes, this was taken on a very old canon dslr with a kit lens) I’ll be re-using this beautiful light once again.